About Jehangir’s Kitchen

Jehangir's kitchen brings to you the authentic taste of royal awadhi cuisine in a modern urban setting. Find a slice of authentic Mughal delicacies and be transported to a contemporary ambience.

Our Inspiration

One of Jehangir's favourite things to do was hold court. He discussed politics, patronised artists and entertainers,and hosted banquets for people from faraway lands. His large kitchen teams would execute the most spectacular spreads for the Emperor's guests.

So much thought and effort went into designing refined dining experiences, right down to cutlery, that Mughal cuisine began to be called an "art". The art of Mughal cuisine echoed finesse in flavours, fragrances, and colours.

The Emperor commanded discipline and innovation from his chefs. The royals dressed for meals in their finest, as they savoured a bacchanalian feast.

The chefs presented a medley of tongue tingling appetisers, a hearty yet delicate selection of meat and vegetable entrees, smooth and creamy dairy dishes, all topped off with fragrant beverages, and the most luscious sweets.

Salim's chefs were the kings of customisation. We hear an old Emperor lost his teeth but couldn't bear giving up his meat. So the cooks invented the melt-in-your-mouth seekh kebabs. They also had some aphrodisiac recipes up their sleeve for when the Royals wanted to have some fun (or so we hear!).

Our Story

Jehangir inspired us so much; we wanted to immortalise him through what we know best – Mughlai Cuisine. We went on the hunt to find the lost recipes of the Mughal Era.

Many moons later, we stumbled on an old parchment which contained the ancient recipes of Mughal cuisine from one of the head chefs in Jehangir's Kitchen. And so, Jehangir's Kitchen was born into this era.

We may be in the 21st Century, but our love for this stunning cuisine is steadfast.

We've got chefs that match Jehangir's head cooks and who could compete with the Emperor's experts and recipes that would most certainly please Salim and the royal court. Located at Level 1 of the World Trade Center Mall in Abu Dhabi, the dining

experience at Jehangir's Kitchen has been crafted to give you a taste of the glorious past.

Just the right blend of spices peppered with the perfect amount of modernism. So try our succulent tandoori dishes marinated with the most flavourful spices or our range of makhani and curries. Create your own special combos, dig into delicious dum biriyani, or indulge in soft, flaky lachha parathas.

Oh, there's an entire "Jehangir's Special" list that would impress the Emperor himself! At Jehangir's Kitchen, you are royal. And you will eat like one.


The founder of Jehangir’s Kitchen, Swarup Anand has been in the hospitality industry for a long time with a passion for great tasting food. His palette and attention to detail is showcased in what JK offers. Quality and great produce make a restaurant outstanding and he adheres to both to bring you the best in Mughal cuisine. He has plans to open up many more outlets in the near future across UAE, keeping his main principles of quality, flavour and service in mind.

F & B Team

The head of the F&B team, Pawan Jain brings on board more than 2 decades of restaurant experience. He has conceptualised and taken many restaurant brands forward. With a passion towards fusion, his palette and food styling brings out a unique twist in anything he touches. He has teamed up with his long-term associate Swarup to support the culinary aspirations of Jehangir’s Kitchen pushing the frontiers of indian cuisine to new standards.

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