Looking for the Best Mughlai restaurant in Abu Dhabi?


Every food lover’s plan to eat out, either be it alone or with friends and family, starts with the search for a good restaurant serving interesting food options and has good service. But it is not easy to find good restaurants in Abu Dhabi as there are restaurants in almost every corner of the city and finding the best Mughlai restaurant in Abu Dhabi is even harder. But don’t worry, we have got you a few steps that will help you find the best restaurant serving
traditional Mughlai dishes in Abu Dhabi.

Mughlai cuisine and its brief story:

Mughlai cuisine consists of food items strongly influenced by the cuisine of Central Asia. These dishes are developed in Medieval India during the period of Mughal rule. It is a combination of South Asian and Central Asian cuisine consisting of very mild to a spicy range of food items with a unique aroma of spices. One can recognize a Mughlai dish just by the smell.
Mughlai is any foodie’s dream cuisine. It is one of the most balanced cuisines with a huge number of food options ranging from tasty appetizers to delicious desserts. It is one cuisine where you can get food options for all the members of the family including kids and elderly.

List of best traditional Mughlai dishes:

Mughlai cuisine has a wide range and variety of dishes. Today we bring you list of some of the best traditional Mughlai dishes one must try during their lifetime.

1. Kebabs

Mughlai cuisine is very famous for kebabs. These appetizers are made of grilled meat and vegetables with many ingredients and spices. Below are some of the famous kebabs.

Hara Bhara kebab:


As the name suggests, this kebab is green in color with many veggies in it. A combination of fresh spinach, potatoes and green peas mashed together with good amount of spices make this dish a favorite of vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

Tandoori Chicken:

Tandoori Chicken

We don’t want to generalize but we can safely say that this chicken starter is one of the crowd favorites across many places. Tandoori chicken has soft and juicy chicken pieces marinated over time in a mix of rich spices and cooked in a clay oven called tandoor.

Lamb Seekh kebab:

Lamb Seekh kebab

A sumptuous dish for lamb meat lovers. Lamb seekh kebab is prepared using minced lamb meat mixed with chilies saffron and coated with fresh herbs. This meat mixture is wrapped around skewers (seekh) and cooked in a tandoor.

2. Biryanis

A royal ish developed in the kitchens of Mughal empire, biryani is a lip smacking rice delicacy comprising of rice, meat and various rich aromatic spices. There are many varieties of biryanis and picking one variety is criminal, so below is the list of biryanis one must definitely try in their lifetime:

Murgh Dum Biryani in jehangirs kitchen
Murgh Dum Biryani
Gosht Biryani in Abudhabi
Gosht Biryani
Dum Tarkari Biryani in abudhabi
Dum Tarkari Biryani

3. Curries

Mughlai cuisine has a wide variety of curries of vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants. Each curry is distinctive with a different style of preparation, different mix of ingredients. One must try all varieties as it is hard to pick only few curries. Try the below curries with a roti or naan of your liking:

Navratan Korma curries in abudhabi
Navratan Korma
Murgh Musallam curries in abudhabi
Murgh Musallam
Gosht Korma curries in abudhabi
Gosht Korma

4. ShahiTukda aka Double kaMeetha

ShahiTukda aka Double kaMeetha

A sweet dish made of ghee fried bread soaked in hot milk flavored with sugar and spices. The mere photo of this dessert will make your eyes light up and the aroma will make your mouth water.

Which is the best Mughlai restaurant in Abu Dhabi?

To qualify as the best Mughlai restaurant,it must serve all the items like appetizers, main course and desserts of Mughlai cuisine with great taste, uncompromising quality and good service. There are only a few Mughlai restaurants in Abu Dhabi that meet these parameters and it is easy to find if you take a glance at the menu.


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